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To start, it's different from Event Planning.


Event design is the art of creating a vision for an event and then designing all of the visual details to transform your space and tie it all together - from the invitations and decor to the activities and even the food. Whether it be a wedding, birthday party, or baby shower, we take inspiration from you and create a beautiful, memorable, and well-designed event.

 As event designers, also sometimes referred to as event stylists, we focus on the aesthetics, design, and decor of the event. We provide creative visual ideas that bring a cohesive theme (or as we like to call it, brand/style) to your event, and we, of course, help you make it happen by sourcing, creating, or crafting those details for you!

Our creativity, expertise, and professionalism as designers transfer very easily to providing event design services. We utilize most of the same design principles that we use with our interior design projects - spatial layout, color concepts, functionality, style, decor, and accessories, etc.

 We Hearken

The path to make your occasion special starts with us being all ears. We listen to your dreams and ideas to understand your thought process and then shape the road ahead with our artistry and panache.

We Ideate

Pondering through ideas and working on specifics of available space and structure, at this juncture your thoughts meet our ideation and creativity. We contemplate the designs under different circumstances to ascertain the perfect aesthetics of your event.

We Devise

Every project is uniquely designed and delivered in accordance with the need of our clients. At this stage, diligent assembling and preparations begin based on a detailed design plan. Virtuoso artists and experts work with the best leaders to bring exquisiteness.

We Coalesce

The final phase is all about effectuating and decluttering irregularities as per the client’s expectations. Smoothing out inconsistencies creates an exceptional and ritzy experience for one and all at your event.

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