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The first of its kind TED event in Ranchi was designed, produced, and managed to the core by Merahki. Our pinpoint precision in every aspect fetched plentiful appreciation for the organizers by the speakers, audience, sponsors and even the TED officials as well.

"Merahki had given me confidence. Their understanding of the whole program & micro-management was outstanding. They had full clarity and also initiatives taken at impromptu were awesome. They were excellent in creating a team, designing the venue, and synchronizing the flow of TEDx program. They are highly energetic and the credit of the event's success goes to Merahki. TEDxKanke is proud to have them."

- Rajeev Gupta, Organiser ( TEDx Kanke)

MARIA's 24

The reason why the black and golden look so elegant and beautiful together is that the two shades are very different making the contrast between them very strong. Here's a modest event setup produced for an intimate birthday celebration of a very special client.

"Simplicity carried to an extreme becomes elegance."

V&G's 25th

Designed and produced impeccably for the couple's special occasion, the fusion of string lights with a rustic theme and white floral work helped transform a parking space into an illusory luxury dinner setup.


Marigold's aroma maneuvered an aura of devotion and positivity at Mahaveer Hanuman Darbar, designed and crafted in particular for reciting occasion of the सुन्दर काण्ड from the epic of रामयण .

" सब सुख लहै तुम्हारी सरना, तुम रक्षक काहू को डरना "


The occasion was the launch of the Ranchi's youth wing of Ekal Abhyian, an organization that presently runs more than 1 Lakh single teacher schools across rural and tribal India. The event attended by Shri Shayam Gupt Ji, Minister of tribal affairs Shri Arjun Munda, Shri Gyan Prakash Jalan Ji was designed and executed flawlessly for the NGO - Friends of Tribal Society.

"If the poor child cannot come to education, education must go to him"

- Swami Vivekanand


We staffed an ideal event crew to manage guest's logistics, hospitality, functions, and special effects as a proxy for an associate event company alongside providing game setups and graphic designing cum printing services.

"Individual commitment to a group effort- that is what makes a team work, a management work, an event work"


It was Manjika's wedding week and the only function in her hometown had to be dazzling. "Mangla Path" was designed and brought to reality by Merahki at her residence. The floral backdrop and bandhej drapings on the ceiling restyled the living room.

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