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1. Why hire event management or designing/production company?

We’ve got a million answers for this one. Here are a few of the top ones:
·      To save yourself from the stress and headache of doing it.
·      To give a new, refreshing boost to a repeat event.
·      To seamlessly manage the often underestimated, challenging logistical nature of an event.
·      Because they supply reputable suppliers and vendors.
·      Because they bring experience, professionalism, and perfection.
·      Because it saves time. Time is money.
·      Because planning the event is just 10% of your overall workload.
·      Because you need to make the most out of your budget.
·      Because this event is going to be in the spotlight. Or it needs to be.

2. What’s the difference between event design, event planning, and event management?

Event design and planning work hand in hand while management makes sure of the perfect delivery of the event. Event design is about bringing your event to life with appropriate colors, themes, decor, etc, whereas event planning is outlining and defining your dreams and then co-ordinating tens of hundreds of things. Event management is the controlling of a detailed execution plan and the logistic element of the event.

3. What kinds of events or projects do you work on?

We work from start to finish on both corporate and personal events. These range from product launches, conferences, and company award evenings to celebratory birthday, weddings, and anniversary events.

4. How many projects/events do you manage per day?

We ensure that we undertake only one event/project per day to give our undivided attention to it. 

5. Which cities do you’ll provide your services for?

We provide our designing and management services pan India. Additionally, we also cater to international destinations such as Dubai, Bahrain, Bangkok, Colombo, Malaysia, Phuket, Batumi Georgia, Abu Dhabi, etc. Our event production service is available only in Jharkhand and its neighboring states.

6.  What services do you offer?

We offer comprehensive event service providers. We’re able to design, plan, and find venues, organize décor, accommodation, staffing, equipment. We offer a tailored service to fit your requirements from start to finish.

7. What is the cost to hire you?

We will discuss all your event requirements before giving a quotation as obviously fees charged will depend on the scale and nature of the event, the complexity of planning, and our level of involvement. We’ll keep in contact with you regarding our time, hours spent, and liaise with you on specific items. Each client receives a personalized proposal.

8. What would you say is the greatest strength as a company?

Without a doubt, our ability to design, manage and execute seamless event logistics. With the right vendors, just about anyone can make an event “pretty.” To make an event smooth, remarkable, and delightful for attendees, one must be able to craft a thorough logistical plan.

9. How early do we need to start planning an event?

Whilst this depends on the size and nature of the event, we’d always advise you to start putting plans in place as early as possible. At certain times of the year, certain venues may need to be booked well in advance, as too blocking event team, reputable suppliers, and vendors. We advise handing over the reins to an event planner as soon as you’re aware of an event to be planned. This gives us adequate time to factor in back up plans as well as leaving ample time to negotiate, plan and ensure everything’s in place for your big day.

10. So when it comes to events, do you do it all?

Basically! Just a few things we don’t do:
1. We can’t be hired for on-site management ONLY. If we weren’t part of the planning process, we might mess things up.
2. We aren’t a good source if you are just looking to rent décor or tables and chairs. We are a production, designing, and management company, not a rental company or a decorator.

3. We can be hired for food design but we do not provide catering services.

11. What is your refund and cancellation policy?

We’re aware that sometimes things happen which are outside of your control. We will discuss our policies with you before entering into contracts and then liaise with you in the unfortunate event of an event being canceled.
We believe it’s important that all parties are aware of their obligations and responsibilities. This goes a long way towards maintaining professionalism, enjoying healthy relationships with loyal vendors and suppliers, and ensuring our customers are always delighted with our service to them.

12. Why choose MERAHKI?

Because at Merahki it's not about our profession but about our passion and commitment to perfection. For us, it's as exciting to bring magic to real people. We dedicate all we have so you can live the special moments of your life in the way that they deserve to reminisce. 

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