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Events are an important part of human life. We cannot circumvent them since they touch all attributes of our social existence. In present times event management has cropped up as one of the most profitable and best career opportunities.

Events are mostly empirical which is why practical proficiency of event-related field is a necessity, unlike theoretical knowledge. MERAHKI offers a unique platform for wannabe event planners/managers/coordinators to work with experienced event managers and freelancers. Whether it be the planning stage or be it the on the day coordination, you get to work with us on all stages to become a seasoned event professional.

Do you like administrating or managing things?
Does traveling and making social contacts fancy you?
Is problem-solving, street smart and agility your virtues?
Do you want an exciting, busy and fast pace career ?
Does being in control of things rush your adrenaline ?
Do you love variety & wish no two days are ever the same?

If 'YES' is the answer to the questions above, you are one perfect person to be in the event industry. But, before you must know what are the pros and cons of being into events (content collected from various websites ).


EXPERIENCING NEW THINGS: Whether it’s traveling abroad, tasting fine foods and wines, coming into contact with famous people, or getting to go to places, venues, and events that you would never usually get to see, there are always new things to experience.

NO FORMAL EDUCATION REQUIREDIt’s a profession where you can become very successful without any formal education, training, or certification.

SHORT CONTRACT WORK AVAILABLE: It’s possible to be a self-employed freelancer and work for short periods on a specific event, then take longer periods off in between—meaning you can juggle it with other priorities such as family or other work.

GOOD JOB PROSPECTUS: It’s still a relatively new and fast-growing industry so the need for event planners is expected to remain high for a long time.


VARIETY: You might find yourself working on conferences, weddings, sporting events, celebrity parties, charity fundraisers, fashion shows, product launches, conventions, gala dinners, shop openings, or film premieres—to name just a few.

MEET INTERESTING PEOPLE: From clients to guests, suppliers to performers, and speakers and consultants; you’ll meet a wide range of people, dip into their world, and often be taught things you didn’t know or hadn’t experienced before.

TEAMWORK: Many professions talk about working as part of a team, but there aren’t that many jobs where the entire team covers each other’s backs with such frequency. Teamwork plays a huge part in events, which in itself is extremely rewarding and can make it a really fun environment to work in—plus you have other people to lean on who’ll help to support you.

IT's FUN: Despite all the cons, it’s still a really fun and satisfying profession to work it.


STRESSFUL WORK: There is a lot of pressure for things to go right, under a strict time frame, and within budget. Combine that with the fact that it’s a live experience, which you only get one shot at, and that makes for very stressful work. Not everyone can handle that sort of pressure.

LONG ANTI-SOCIAL HOURSWeekend and evening work is frequent, often in addition to regular office hours—plus a lot of events over holiday periods.

TIRING AND DEMANDING WORK: Sixteen hour days are common, most of which is spent on your feet running around doing physical things; fetching, lifting and carrying, and you often have to snatch meals on the go—if you’re lucky!

COVID AFFECTED: When the economy/healthcare is down, events are one of the first things to be cut and so it can be difficult to find work.


CROWDED JOB MARKET: As the events industry has grown, with universities churning out more and more event management graduates, competition for jobs has increased massively in recent years.

PERIODS OF UNEMPLOYMENT: If you’re working as a freelancer in the event industry there can be periods of unemployment in-between seasons and contracts. While freelance jobs might appear to pay more, often that pay has to last longer.

DEALING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE: Guests (and some clients!) can be demanding, unreasonable, rude and obnoxious—and you’ll be on the front line taking all the stress, insults and abuse while smiling sweetly and saying ‘no problem, let me take care of that for you’ when actually you’ll wish you had a voodoo doll to hand.

TRAVEL: Repeatedly being away from home, living out of a suitcase and only ever seeing the inside of the airport and a hotel ballroom can take all the fun out of traveling with work.

If you are looking forward to work in the event industry, you must definitely work under or with an event company. With the expanding business of events, you would find a long list of companies to work with and you should choose wisely.

What MERAHKI offers you is working with the best (seasoned professionals), for the best (clients), and by the best. Let's have an overlook what perks you get choosing to work with us -

Be a part of a complete project not just on the day execution.
Work and be paid on per-project basis i.e. part-time.
Work with the best vendors and suppliers.
Excel in planning and administrating events.
Get to be a leader not a follower at events.
Experiment, ideate, and execute to learn and grow.
Apply* at MERAHKI
* Based on need and merit, applicants would be called for a personal interview.
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